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We can get your CPN today and you will be able to access a credit for your dream apartment or invest on any of your personal projects.


No credit check apartments: If you are looking for a credit to rent or buy an apartment, don't let financial hurdles get in the way. Reside in the apartment complex of your choosing. 

Credit Restoration

We will improve your credit score by analyzing your history and planning a personalized strategy for your specific situation.

We will help you get your dream home

No credit check apartments

Finding a new place without credit can be especially difficult if you’re searching in a city where apartments are available for a short time only to be snatched up quickly by tenants who do have credit history.

Landlords and building managers tend to do a credit check on every single applicant because it’s one of the only ways they know who the trustworthy applicants are.

So how do you rent with a Low Credit Score?
Our proven process will allow you to have a Chance to live where you want that meets your rental budget. You could now choose the best school district for your children or move closer to work. We can get your approval process started today so you can finally rent your dream home.

It doesn't matter if you have:
· Collections
· Late Payments
· Bankruptcy
· Foreclosure
· Student Loans 
· Repos
· Liens

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Problems with Second chance Locations

Due to the surge and increasing number of perspective renters currently on the market, the ability to successfully locate 2nd chance homes is challenging for consumers with a compromised credit history which may include but is not limited to evictions and late payments. 

The current competitive market for people who have prior evictions or credit infractions provides an opportunity for 2nd chance homes.

But what are their problems?
· Less safe
· Poor schools
· Far commute
· Nuisances
· Disruptive neighbors
· Compromised conditions of the home
· Substandard landlords

No Credit Check
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